A well prepared Physiotherapy Center has been set up .All the necessary types of gear identified with Physiotherapy are accessible here. Patients experiencing different Inflammatory &degenerative arthropathies like Osteo Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lumber Spondylitis, Cervical Spondylitis, Prolapsed Intervertebral Disk and other neurological shortages are treated with the blend of Physiotherapy & Panchakarma methods. Through different Physiotherapy methods we help each patient to accomplish ideal recuperation from torment & incomfort. The center is to improve practical developments, exercises of every day life and to improve the general personal satisfaction through:

To make ground for an exact analysis and most suitable &logical treatment, the case history of each patient is concentrated altogether by the Physiotherapist. The treatment is arranged in such way that assuages torment & reestablishes work yet additionally resolves the basic reason for the issue. Our methodology towards the treatment depends on a mix of electrotherapy & practice treatment In the activity treatment we are conveying practices alongside manual treatment for example activation treatment by the exceptionally prepared advisors. Activation treatment is utilized to treat joint brokenness. To make the treatment more viable &dependable, we lay accentuation on tolerant training &home administration program by being in close co-appointment with patients.


  9. Foothold
  10. Hydrocollator
  11. Cervical & Lumbar Traction
  12. TENS

Other than these, we have well Equipped Exercise Lab with equipment’s like Physio-Gym-Boll, Shoulder Exerciser, Heel Exerciser, Wrist Exerciser, Cycle Exerciser, Quadriceps Table and Sensory and Perceptual Motor preparing supplies like Dressing Edges, Supinator and Pronators, Tactile Numerical Kit, Mushroom Board, Pags & Shapes, Harmony Board are likewise accessible

An Operation Theater is facility within a hospital where surgical operations are carried out in aseptic environment also where careful tasks are completed in a sterile climate. At COER Hospitals, we have Operation Theater and Team of exceptionally prepared and experienced specialists to go for any conceivable treatment. The Operation Theater division value conveying high caliber of care in a perfect and amicable climate, conveyed by groups with a tremendous scope of ability, for every claim to fame.

Inside each careful strength there is a group including theater staff, working office professionals, medical caretakers and theater aides every one of them are additionally upheld by the clean administrations staff. These help groups work intimately with the specialists and anesthetists to guarantee the most ideal nature of care for patients.

As pioneers of Emergency care administrations in Roorkee, the

Emergency Care focus at COER Hospitals promises you the most elevated levels of ability, aptitude and foundation. The conventions at our 24-hour crisis administration and injury care division in India are intended to react speedier. We effectively influence our multi-strength ability to convey the essential edge in crisis care.

COER Hospitals is a pioneer of current crisis medication and injury care in Roorkee. We set up the ‘Public Network of Emergency Services’ to give crisis care of uniform quality guidelines the nation over. Our injury specialists are equipped every minute of every day to meet all clinical and careful crises.
Convention driven frameworks guarantee results each and every time. COER Emergency Care is an experimentally evolved convention driven crisis framework.

Labour Ward is devoted for ladies who requires expert consideration from maternity specialists and obstetricians over the span of their work.
We give complete, excellent, obstetrician-drove care, upheld by specialists in birthing assistance, nursing, anesthesiology, pediatrics and physiotherapy. Our on location crisis, serious consideration and progressed indicative administrations give additional significant serenity.

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